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About us

  In 1999 we founded the Tile Manufacture Ullrich to preserve ancient roofs, to compensate and to embellish with new elegant roof decoration and ornament tiles.
  Our major focus lies in the preservation of historic buildings and the manufacturing of rooftiles and ridge decoration first designed by the company of Carl Ludowici® in Jockgrim, Germany. Therefore we exclusivly use his Original Ludowici® Pressing Molds and Models. Tiles of other producers, also plain tiles or hand-molded tiles, could be manufactured at the customers specifications and models as true to original as possible. In native red, with noble engobes or brilliant glazes, roof figures, ornamental spikes, ridge starters, wall ornaments and house numbers will be molded, retouched, tested, dried, glazed on demand and are frost resistant fired at over 1050°C for durability.
  Creating the new is one of our strenghts. We carry a wide range of hip-, ridge- and grooved tiles, which we manufacture on a sleigh press. Spikes, attachments and all the ridge figures will be hand-molded and after, be sure, shaped by hand, because:

Handicraft is the essential in our manufacture.

Grooved Tiles
Ridge Tiles
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